Education Systems Should Invest in RP

Education Systems Should Invest in RP

Education systems should invest in Restorative Practices because:

  • Schools are seeking relational strategies that focus on repairing relationship and promote learning from misbehaviour

  • Schools want to adopt strategies that are respectful and dignified, which integrates procedural fairness processes

  • Schools are seeking proactive rather than reactive ways of dealing with misbehaviour and damage to relationships

  • Teachers are seeking a framework & common language to manage & process misbehaviour which is not reliant on punitive/expedient interventions

  • Teachers want a collaborative, accountable & supportive approach

  • Teachers are seeking strategies that empower and utilise their teaching & learning skills

  • Students want to feel safe & secure and to be treated in a respectful and dignified manner

  • Students need supportive role models to increase their social-emotional outcomes

  • Students want to feel less anxious and fearful when they have done something wrong

  • Students want to be engaged in processes that allows them to be heard and involved in the process of repair

  • Parents are seeking processes that are fair, just and provide dignified treatment and repair to damaged relationships when there has been hurt

  • Parents are seeking behavioural practices that promote wellbeing, resilience and positive behavioural learning outcomes

  • Education Systems want to encourage behavioural practices that promote wellbeing and resilience and teaches the appropriate replacement behaviour

  • Education Systems want a student management process that reflects good teaching and learning pedagogy.